13 July 2016
Visit of V.K.Bozhko, Vice-Speaker of the Majilis

On June 10, within the course of his working trip to Karaganda Region, Vice-Speaker of the Majilis V.K. Bozhko visited the “Jakko” Plant. The delegation of high-ranking guests included also members of the Vice-Speaker’s office and the representatives of Karaganda Akimat (City Administration). Meeting was held with the employees of sales division and workers of one of the major production companies of the Region.

Vladimir Bozhko listened with real interest to the stories of activities of the company and its sales division; he joked a lot and expressed many words of praise to the employees of “Jakko”. The same friendly atmosphere reigned at his conversation with the Plant’s operators, whose work is very complicated and requires high skills. Vice Speaker also asked several questions from the head of the sales division Zhumagazin Zhasulan and was surprised that the most staff of the company consists of young managers who professionally lead the team. At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Karpovich expressed his opinion of the satisfactory operation of the company’s entire team. “You should be proud of working in such a significant company for your Region and for our country as a whole, - said V.K. Bozhko. – At present, the focus is made on youth employment. This is good, that your company employs many young people.”

It should be noted that the “Jakko” Plant plays an important role in the Karaganda Region’s economy in the light of implementation of the program “Business Road Map 2020”. Having covered with its products the territory of our Republic, the plant is gradually coming out with its brand to the markets of neighboring countries.

In accordance with the “Road Map”, which requires the government to pay significant attention to the priority sectors of processing and construction industry, the financial assistance aimed at development was provided to the plant in 2013.